Video Editing Service

Video Editing Service

The Editor or the job

From sporting events to unedited business videos to births, wedding footage from your cell phone or cameras, we will transfer your media, organize it and then edit them in the right sequence. All our work is done in-house at our studio or at your location.

“Tommy is known as one of the friendliest and experienced media services companies in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware,” customers have said. From shooting and editing live video, or displaying that content to one of our many giant outdoor LED screens. We have traveled to destination events from Hawaii to Jamaica and a thousands of locations in the Delaware Valley, Tommy has the experience and know-how.

Why Bring Your Videos to Us for Editing?

We can edit multiple clips from many media sources ranging from videotapes media cards, cell phones.
Enhance, remove, and rearrange video and audio in the sequence you like. Add titles, music, and narration.
Real-World experience editing everything from programs for broadcast television to wedding videos.

Mobile Media Transfer and Editing Services We understand that in this Smartphone era, a lot of your memories are stored on your new phones and even your old ones that are sitting in a drawer. While it’s easy to believe that they’ll stay forever, when you lose or break your device, you may stand the chance of losing most, if not all, of your photographs and videos. Trust us to transfer media from your mobile device to digital or disc.